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Water is a unique substance; it is one of the few known that can purify and restructure itself when transitioning from a liquid to a solid form. The complex and multi-stage process of freezing, extracting and then melting a fraction of the ice is carried out in several stages:

“Melt Water Original” is bottled water of the highest quality.

Its production is based on the natural phenomenon of the formation and melting of glaciers.

Freezing the first layer

The first layer of ice that develops (around +3.8C), freezes the elements of “heavy water” (deuterium oxide) which is harmful and toxic. Therefore, it is removed by using special technology.

formation of the ice core

The remaining water begins to form the ice core: At this stage two processes are happening simultaneously:

Water molecules at work

As the ice crystals begin to form, they naturally push away all the impurities and admixtures. The ice molecules reform into a homogeneous structure.
The remaining water, because of the impurities, remains in a liquid form (reduced freezing point due to the osmotic effect). This water is removed using a special technology.

purest water

The remaining layer of the ice absolutely pure and crystal clean. Hence water received from this fraction is the purest water known to mankind. The way nature intended - nature’s formula.

It’s this fraction of ice that, once thawed and bottled, becomes
“Melt Water Original”. Natures Formula. Bottled.

The technology of purifying water by multistage freezing also allows to exclude the use of preservatives and antibiotics, found in some bottled waters.

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health benefits of melt water

Water is responsible for all the biochemical processes in our body, therefore the quality of drinking water is directly related to how it affects our health, energy, and appearance. The higher the quality of the water, the more energy the human body receives and the less of it is wasted for cleansing low quality water and removing the harmful admixtures.

The composition of Melt Water is different to that of water commonly consumed for everyday drinking. Due to unique production technologies the molecules of “Melt Water Original” are homogeneous and have an absolutely uniform structure. Melt Water is identical to the structure of the fluid in our cells, therefore is easily absorbed by the body.

Regular consumption of Melt Water helps cleanse and revitalise the body, aids in weight loss and accelerates the metabolism. Melt Water helps to nourish radiant, soft skin and slows the ageing process by improving cell rejuvenation. Try to drink only clean, slightly mineralized and soft water every day. Hard water may lead to the formation of kidney stones. The water with high mineral content is sometimes called healing, however it should be used in moderation.

We are created in a way that water is more important to us than food. When aging, the amount of water in the human body decreases. Ensuring sufficient water consumption is one of the main conditions to ensure healthy lifestyle. “Melt Water Original” is perfectly balanced in terms of its mineral content. It doesn’t oversaturate the body with salts, but insures the mineral balance in your body is maintained, therefore is perfect for everyday consumption.

Cations, mg/l

  • Na+-
  • K+-
  • Mg2+-
  • Ca2+-
  • 22.0+-
  • 2.4+-
  • 4.0+-
  • 11.0+-

Anions, mg/l

  • SO42--
  • HCO3-
  • Cl--
  • 15.3+-
  • 54.0+-
  • 26.0+-

Dry residue, mg/l ≤135 pH 7,7 - 8,0

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About us

Research and Production Company "Melt Water", Ltd. is a scientific research and production company established on the Lithuanian sea-coast that creates healthy products of the future. One of the first advanced products that the company has created is “Melt Water Original”- a premium class table water.

Our goal is the production and wholesale of this unique water.

The modern factory is operating near Klaipėda. It is equipped with facilities and machinery of the highest standard. A qualified team of experts is controlling the complex, multi stage technological processes of production, that recreate the principles of the formation and melting of glaciers. “Melt Water Original” is produced only from one fraction of ice, the fraction that has no impurities and has a correct crystal structure, therefore the water is exceptionally pure.

industry awards and certificates

Research and Production Company "Melt Water", UAB was issued a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certificate by Bureau Veritas, which ensures adherence to the highest standards in production and product quality.

In 2014, Research and Production Company “Melt Water”, UAB was awarded the Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) certificate, which became yet another undeniable proof of the exceptional quality of “Melt Water Original”.

Research and Production Company "Melt Water", UAB was awarded a Lithuanian Product of the Year 2013 gold medal by the Lithuanian Confederacy of Industrialists for its innovative product – table water "Melt Water Original" for unmatched quality

"Melt Water Original" was awarded as one of the three best new products in the bottled drinking water market in the prestigious exhibition for beverage technology Drinktec 2013 in Munich, Germany.

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